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Dates: 10th - 12th February 2023


Venue: Ultimate Wargames Fawkham, Kent, DA4 9DQ - 51.376221, 0.268214


Event Type: Battlesim 


Duration: 2 Days with an overnight ceasefire. 


Itinerary: As shown below


  • 06:30 - Gates Open 

  • 09:15 - Gates Close

  • 09:45 - Safety Brief 

  • 10:15 - Faction specific briefings at start locations. 

  • 10:30 - Game Live

  • 19:30 - Endex


  • 10:00 - Gates Open 

  • 23:00 - Gates Close


  • 10:15 - Faction specific briefings at start locations. 

  • 14:30 - Endex

  • 19:00 Gates Close


Op Archer is our first Cold War Era event and will feature multiple factions and will span across 2 days, Saturday offers 9 hours of continuous narrative driven gameplay with a further 4 hours on Sunday to close the weekend. 


This event like many of our other events will commence with mostly roleplay activities for the first 3-4 hours. Allowing us time to build tensions between WARPAC & NATO factions. 


The event narrative commences prior to the Cold War escalating into a major conflict as will unfold at this event. 


Initially, both sides will be conducting their own faction-specific taskings and maintaining a number of border control checkpoints between East & West Germany. 


Each checkpoint will have a number of duties to be carried out whilst players are stationed there, additionally regular border patrols will need to be undertaken along with the searching and registering of persons crossing at these border checkpoints. 


Additionally NATO are conducting a series of military training exercises across Europe which are being warily observed by WARPAC leaders who suspect an imminent NATO first strike.


There will be a set piece that commences hostilities between East and West, This will be circa 14:00 - 15:00, from here most roleplay elements are both factions are now actively at war with one another. 


This event will also feature secret factions which are invite only roles that represent various secretive government agencies in play at this event.



The year is 1983, the height of the Cold War which sees Western Democracies in an uneasy standoff with Communist Countries of Eastern Europe. Both sides in a decades-long competition with the other for supremacy.


At this time unfolding across Western Europe, are a series of annual NATO Military training exercises to simulate a period of conflict escalation, culminating in the US military attaining a simulated DEFCON 1 coordinated nuclear attack.


The five-day exercise, involves NATO commands throughout Western Europe coordinated from the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) headquarters in Casteau, Belgium

Whils this training exercise is not new, the 1983 exercises have introduced several new elements, not seen in previous years, including a new unique format of coded communication, radio silences, and the participation of heads of government.

This increase in realism, combined with tense relations between the United States and the Soviet Union and the anticipated arrival of Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe, have led members of the Soviet Politburo and military to believe that these exercises are a ruse, obscuring preparations for a genuine nuclear first strike. In response, the Soviet Union readied its nuclear forces and placed air units in East Germany and Poland on alert.

Tensions are incredibly high and both sides stand at the precipice of open war with one another, both unwary of each other and suspecting an imminent attack from the other. 


Factions at play at this event:

NATO - British 




WARPAC - Soviet


Civilian - Pro Western Capitalists

Civilian - Communists




Kit guides for all factions will be out early December.



Both in and out of game camping is available at this event.


In Game camping Options 

NATO & Civilians

TOWN - Structures available to use, large bonfire pit in the town, various tables free to use. 


Advise to bring camp bed, warm sleeping gear, possibly a tarpaulin on roof to ensure no overnight leaks, most buildings pretty well secure now, x2 two story buildings good for accommodation. 


SAFE ZONE (KGB Headquarters)  - available to use. Oil Drum burn pit for extra heat, luxuries include lighting, access to microwave and some limited access to electrical facilities. 

Advise to bring camp bed, warm sleeping gear and tarpaulin to partition safe zone bays for accommodation, each bay comfortably sleeps 3-4  on roof to ensure 



  • TOWER (Border Guard Post)- Also available to use set up accom, advise use of Canvas tents 12x12 etc. 

In Game camping Options 

NATO & Civilians - Field edge close to car park. 

WARPAC - Field edge close to safe zone 


  • On-the-ground bonfires or fire pits when camping in game 

  • Off the ground fires if camping out of game. 


You must bring a rubbish bag with you wherever you camp, this must be taken to the big bonfire pit by the car park at the end of the weekend. 



All parked vehicles must be left in the car park, camping kit can be taken to in game area by a site truck that will be running this kit around for you.


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