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7th - 9th October 2022 

Part 2 of our Cartel themed Battlesim/Milsim series of events set in the fictional South American Country; The United Peoples Republic of Paroviso. Similar to our last event, this will be a 11.5 Hour event on Saturday and will break overnight at 22:00hrs. This next instalment will see The Narcotics Task Force focus operations against the infamous Ligero cartel who have positioned themselves well for the expansion of their narcotics enterprise. As per the previous event, this will run continuously from game on until endex and task force will have a defined command and callsign structure.

Venue: Ultimate Wargames, School Ln, Horton Kirby, Dartford DA4 9DQ

General Event Info

We will start the game by 10:30 at the very latest on the Saturday and will aim to endex at circa 22:00 that same day, allowing for a chilled evening social with beers around the fire, outside of game hours. Starting again the next day at 10:30 with endex on Sunday at between 15:00 - 15:00.

As with all our events, arrivals are welcome and encouraged from 09:00 on the Friday with free camping is available

With regard to camping, we will be operating a quiet and loud area camping policy, for people wishing to stay up and listen to music etc, please pitch your tents as near as possible to the safe zone, for those wanting a quieter space, please pitch your tents near to the car park, hopefully this should keep everyone happy!

Safety & In Game rules are as shown on our website and linked here for your convenience

In game factions - Basic Overview


Subsidised ticket to reflect the fact this may be considered as a role that offers slightly less action, but is by means any no less fun! 
Civilians will be employed by cartels to undertake work for them and smuggle drugs. By circa 14:30 civilians will transfer onto a cartel side for the remainder of the weekend. 



A militarised narcotics task force, well armed and equipped, typically wears body armour and helmets, wears green camo, has access to advanced drug war tech such as surveillance drones.

Ligero Cartel

Another violent cartel, major players in the European and North American drug markets, armed with a variety of weapons including AR and AK variants amongst others, wears tan and light coloured camos. they are also known to be fond of the colour blue, which can be incorporated into their uniform a number of ways, from bandanas, armbands, caps, shirts etc (not mandatory - but if you think your loadout may cause confusion please try to incorporate it)


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