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August 6th - 8th 2021


A rich & immersive Vietnam airsoft experience.

During our previous engagement American forces yet again failed to locate and capture the infamous General Mhyk, despite Mhyk being secured briefly by an elite Navy Seals unit, Mhyk was able to escape and evade his temporary captors, a devastating blow for US morale.  

Arclight IV will see US Forces  continue to scour the region in search of the elusive General Myhk who has been a substantial thorn in the side to American forces. This will be a race against time to collect time sensitive intel on the wherabout of Mhyk and disrupt the continued movements of enemy AA assets into the region that are delaying supplies crucial to continued US combat operations. 

The Vietcong will be primarily focused on the continued disruption of US operations and the safeguarding of Gen Mhyk an invaluable leader and a cunning tactician, frustrating the Americans at every turn. Denying them any real control of the province. Consequently Mhyk is now an incredibly high value target, with a $100,000 bounty in effect. None other than hardened VC warriors are to be treated as trustworthy and the Vietcong must be as wary of their own as much their US oppressors  

Just like last year, Arclight IV promises to continue exactly where we left off at the end of Arclight III

Arclight without doubt was our best year yet, with universally positive feedback and a great atmosphere, we fully expect that to continue and only improve. 

The after action report for Arclight III can be found here. 


This is a full weekend event, camping is free and is actively encouraged. However there are a limited quantity of Saturday only tickets. The itinerary for the event is as shown below.  

Friday 13th August

Arrivals from - 08:00

ARMS FAIR 13:00 - 19:00

(Bring and Buy Sale in safe zone )


Film on Projector - 21:00

Saturday Day Game 

1000HRs - 1700HRs

Saturday Night Game

1930HRs - 2130HRs

Sunday Game

1100 HRs - 1500HRs


£55 Full Weekend

£35 Saturday Only 

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