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Event Type: Hard Routine Battlesim

Duration: 16hr (across 2 days, overnight ceasefire) 

Era: Current Day

Factions: Multiple

Location: Ultimate Wargames, Fawkham, DA4 9DQ


Previous operations saw JALAA acquire various materials useful in attacks against soft civilian targets in the West. Not only this, it is suspected that a foreign government agency interfered and directly aided in the supply of advanced weapons systems to JALAA, although a direct link cannot be drawn. Multiple reports cite FSB interference. 

Emboldened by this and escaping capture by the US Task Force deployed in the region, Haseyn Bin Seyn remains at large. Intelligence gatherfed by a now deceased CIA asset suggests a terror attack may be being planned in the town of Al Mataq, as violence has recently erupted in the region with Task Force operatives maintaining what little peace remains, JALAA intend to disrupt the lives of local civilians in order to boost support for the withdrawal of US forces from the region as per the aims of their group. 

National Army & Police forces have been deployed to the previously abandoned local police station in a bid to prepare the region for the eventual handover of security matters to government forces. 

The threat of an imminent attack both in Al Mataq and on soft targets in the West is very high and both the Task Force and National Army must work effectively together if this is to be in any way prevented.

Event Details: 

Players will ideally need to arrive before 22:00 on the Friday to get signed in and set up at your factions base camp, which will be in the field (gaming area), you should also try ensure you have mags loaded the night prior and have as much admin done as possible ahead of the following morning. In an ideal world, we would love it if all you had to do Saturday morning was, wake up get dressed, eat your breakfast, put a battery in your gun and be ready in your gear for the event to go live at 10:00 At which point you will be given a final rebrief ahead of your mission.

You will also be sent your faction-specific objectives a fortnight before the event as well (as the chance to attend the Friday night briefing with your TLs).

Friday night players will be camped with the rest of their faction at various locations on site. This will give you a chance to get to know your team mates, be briefed by your commanders and formulate your plans to accomplish your objectives the following day. You will need to bring a small one man tent or tarp/basha to camp overnight, try to pack a rucksack that carries all you will need until endex on Saturday at 22:00. (A recommended kit list will be provided).


Task force will be set up within the Safe Zone which will be operating as an out of game FOB for the duration of the weekend. Please bring either camp beds or hammocks to sleep in the fob, alternatively you can set up in woodland next to safe zone. We do not wish to have a campsite on the field for this event, hence we are asking players to set up at various other locations on site.


Sleeping locations for factions other than TF will be kept as faction only knowledge and you will be informed of your relevant location when you book on and can advise you best on what kit to bring with this in mind. 


The purpose of this is raise the immersion for all factions, in such a way that you will not encounter any enemy forces until the game has started which we believe will add an increased element of tension and immersion to the game.

The game will run for 12 hours continuously on the Saturday and for 4hrs on Sunday 10:30 - 14:30.

We will run advanced medic rules and ammo rules for this event and Task Force will have the usual command net and command structure etc as per our other events.

This event will have a good amount of RECCE style and roleplay taskings for at least a couple of factions for the first 2-3hours, so do not be alarmed if there isn’t much shooting to begin with. We believe this adds to the experience, as the escalation to conflict will follow the narrative timeline of this event. 



Arms Dealers/PMC'S - Supply arms to terrorist faction. Avoid capture by any government law enforcement/military faction, weapons free, you are going to be outnumbered but you work for yourselves, if you think you can pick a fight with TF and come out on top, this is up to you.

Can blend in and out of civilian populaces and can work with any faction/the highest bidder when or if required. 


OPFOR (Terror Group) - Actively engaged in terror-related activities against task force, soft civilian targets & national army units. Operate IED factories and training camps in wooded areas and abandoned buildings outside of  Al Mataq. Main intention is to buy weapons from arms dealers and to commit terror acts, undermine civilian support for national army and task force.

Can blend in and out of civilian populaces. Cannot work with task force or national army.


Task Force - You are probably the only faction in this game will good intentions. You are solely interested in continuing the mission to locate and shut down IED factories, bag HVT’s and intercept weapons that are en route to them. You will also try to win hearts and minds, so please do your best to avoid civilian casualties. You will be ran to a strict schedule.

You will actively be training and supporting National Army faction, preparing for the eventual handover of the countries security matters to the National Army, allowing for eventual task force withdrawal from the country. 

Civilians - You can work with any faction you like, many will try and get you to do their bidding, some will bring sweets, others may bring bullets, make whatever choices you wish, you will have your own individual brief assigned to you and we explain this role more fully if you have any questions.

National Army - You are paid just enough to not desert your guard post. You will probably retreat at the first sign of danger. You will be a target for local terrorist groups. You have had minimal training by your own government, you dislike the Americans slightly less than OPFOR, you prefer to sit drinking chai instead of security patrols. Should further reference material be needed for this; please watch 'This is what winning looks like'. 


 - (MULTICAM, TAN or AOR1 only)


- Flektarn Desert or woodland camo, chocolate chip camo or bitish woodland dpm. Can be mish mashed. Worn with chest rig, preferably chicom style, PASGT style or soviet era helmets only. 

OPFOR (Terror Cell) - Kit guide

- Pakol, Arabic Clothing such as kameez or waistcoats, chest rig, no helmets. 


- Pakol, Arabic Clothing such as kameez or waistcoast

Arms Dealers - 

- Dark or woodland camo, mixed with civvies, Russian camo patterns preferred. 



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