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May 20th - 22nd 2022

Diggers II

Diggers  II is the second instalment in our ANZAC themed series of Vietnam battlesim events. This event takes place across 2 days with an overnight break allowing for payers to rest and socialise in the evening ahead of continued operations on the Sunday.

Kit standards and advanced rules are in effect for this event. Attendance is subject to adherence of these kit standards and rules. Kit guides will be issued soon and will be linked here as soon as they are ready.

VIETCONG / NVA Kit Guide - Click Here

1ATF ANZAC Kit Guide - Click Here



The year is 1966 and 1ATF is stationed at Nui Dat in Phước Tuy Province in South Vietnam, a 4000 meter exclusion area has been imposed which has meant the expulsion of the entire local populace. Although reports of civilians moving into abandoned homes is not uncommon, as a result of being displaced from other areas where fighting between communist fighters and American forces has broken out. 


1ATF are ordered to maintain this exclusion area and conduct Long range patrols along Line Alpha with instructions to put down any Vietcong they encounter. 1ATF must also regularly visit villages where civilians have been made to leave their homes, to ensure these areas are kept empty and the situation locally is not muddied by the presence of civilians within the exclusion zone.

1ATF are assisted by a small unit of engineers operating a couple of lightweight landrovers that fulfill CASEVAC requests, resupply ammo and short combat missions as a QRF. 


The threat from the enemy appears to be growing, with intelligence suggesting a large scale attack on Nui Dat as a likely possibility. ANZAC forces will be looking to recover and extract any war supplies found as well as deploying counter measures to slow and deter enemy forces. 


Vietcong and NVA fighters will be set up in a secretive location within the exclusion zone and are primarily concerned with creeping ever closer on the ANZAC position at Nui Dat as a larger force is built up locally ahead of a full scale assault on Nui Dat.

Remaining undetected and not alerting ANZAC forces to our presence is imperative. Vietcong and NVA forces will be focussed on building up various supply caches at strategically important locations around Nui Dat. These supplies will enable VC to have easy access to vital; medical, ammo and food resources.


Additionally, VC forces will be tasked with setting up observation points around Nui Dat in order to better comprehend ANZAC troop movements and numbers.

Ultimately the end goal for VC & NVA from these operations is to gain a better understanding of their enemy and to move their main camp as close as possible to Nui Dat ahead of a large-scale assault. 



We will start the game by 10:30 at the very latest on the Saturday and will aim to endex at 17:00 that same day, allowing for a chilled evening social with beers around the fire, outside of game hours.  There will however be a brief nigth mission at this event which will last approximately 2 hours for those that wish to take part in some after dusk combat . Otherwise we shall be starting again the next day at 10:30 with endex on Sunday at between 15:00 - 15:30.


Free camping is available - With regard to camping, this is very much encouraged with arrivals from Friday morning welcome.


Please note there are to be no cars parked on the grass camping area and all fires MUST BE OFF THE GROUND. Any rubbish/waste you generate must be disposed of at the bonfire by the car park or taken home with you, with no exceptions. 

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