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May 29th - 30th 2021

Diggers I

Diggers I is the very first of our ANZAC themed series of Vietnam battlesim events. This event takes place across 2 days with an overnight break allowing for payers to rest and socialise in the evening ahead of continued operations on the Sunday.

Kit standards and advanced rules are in effect for this event. Attendance is subject to adherence of these kit standards and rules. Kit guides will be issued soon and will be linked here as soon as they are ready.

VIETCONG / NVA Kit Guide - Click Here

1ATF ANZAC Kit Guide - Click Here



The year is 1966 and 1ATF is stationed at Nui Dat in Phước Tuy Province of South Vietnam a 4000meter exclusion area has been imposed which has meant the expulsion of all local populace. This is to be certain that if ANZAC forces do encounter any Veitnamese, they could be certain they were facing VC/NVA. This is a free fire zone. All local farms, villages, towns etc have been resettled and destroyed to ensure civilians are kept out.

1ATF are ordered to maintain this exclusion area and conduct Long range patrols along Line Alpha and to put down any Vietcong they encounter.

A small unit of SASR are stationed at nearby Nui Dat 2 to lend QRF support if needed and to conduct long range recce and gather intel on Vietcong and NVA operations and activity in the area.

A small unit of engineers (CREW) accompany 1ATF in providing operational support in the form of 2 lightly armoured landrovers with gun turret modifications, that can be used to support ANZAC forces out in the field should they come under sustained attack or request additional ammo supplies to their location.

10 Platoon shall operate with 3 separate companies that will rotate between Patrol, QRF & BASE DUTIES, Additionally, a variety of Primary and Secondary Objectives will be in play throughout the day for each company to attend to, whilst rotating between said duties.

Vietcong and NVA fighters will be set up in a secretive location within the exclusion zone and will use stealth and cunning to outwit ANZAC forces to complete their objectives primarily looking to set up food, medical & ammo supply caches and establish a radio communications network that will help facilitate more successful operations within the heavily patrolled exclusion zone, which will aide long term efforts to force ANZAC forces from the province with Nui Dat already a challenging prospect, it is nigh on impossible to effect any assault on this position with the exclusion area in effect and under ANZAC control.

Vietcong & NVA forces will be offered a variety of Primary and Secondary objectives to complete and will have the ability to approach these in a fairly fluid manner, switching between having a larger number smaller groups of fighters out in the field accomplishing whichever objectives they have been tasked with at that time and then at other points throughout the day grouping up as larger fighting groups to engage in larger-scale firefights and forcing high casualty numbers forcing ANZAC forces to commit further assets and vehicles to casevac their wounded soldiers.

We are aiming for a 1:1 ratio of ANZAC to VC as we want this to be a highly hostile environment for ANZAC forces to engage with but spread out over the largest physical playing space we can practically use, entailing the whole site!

What this should mean is players will have long moments of calm before the metaphorical turd hits the fan and all-out largescale firefights break out.


We believe this event will be physically demanding enough as it stands already without adding a night game to the equation. Therefore this event will last approximately 8.5/9 hours on Saturday and a further 5 hours on Sunday.

We will start the game by 10:30 at the very latest on the Saturday and will aim to endex at 19:00 that same day, allowing for a chilled event of relaxing and beers around the fire in a socially distanced manner of course!

As with all our events, arrivals are welcome from any time on the Friday and camping is available in the field by safe zone in groups of up to 6 and with a good distance between each camp.

We will run a bring & buy marketplace on the Friday afternoon from 14:00-20:00 , followed by a film in the safe zone in the evening.

You are welcome to stay all weekend and the site will be locked up at some point on Monday if anyone really wants to stay the whole weekend in the woods!

With regard to camping, we will be operating a quiet and loud area camping policy, for people wishing to stay up and listen to music etc, please pitch your tents as near as possible to the safe zone, for those wanting a quieter space, please pitch your tents near to the car park, hopefully this should keep everyone happy!

Please note there are to be no cars parked on the grass camping area and all fires MUST BE OFF THE GROUND. Any rubbish/waste you generate must be disposed of at the bonfire by the car park or taken home with you, with no exceptions. 

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