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31st March - 2nd April 2023

Venue: Ultimate Wargames, School Ln, Horton Kirby, Dartford DA4 9DQ

Part 3 of our Cartel themed Battlesim/Milsim series of events set in the fictional South American Country; The United Peoples Republic of Paroviso. Similar to our last event, this will be a 11.5 Hour event on Saturday and will break overnight at 22:00hrs. This next installment will see The Narcotics Task Force focus operations against the infamous Ligero cartel who have extended their criminal activities to kidnapping and people trafficking.

General Event Info

As a result of the killing a senior police chief, the UPRP task force had been waging a fierce battle against the Ligero cartel. The task force's actions have significantly hampered the cartel's ability to generate income, forcing the cartel to seek out new ways to produce cash. Kidnapping people for ransom had become their new modus operandi, with civilians and local politicians being prime targets.


Kidnapped victims are held in jungle prison camps scattered throughout the countryside, with little hope of escape.


The cartel's ruthless tactics have struck fear into the hearts of the locals, and the government Is under intense pressure to act.


The leader of the Ligero cartel, Codename: "Lonestar", has not been heard from in the past six months, and it Is believed that he has gone into hiding. However, the cartel Is still active and lower-ranking lieutenants are overseeing the kidnapping operations.


Adding to the complexity of the situation, it is suspected that the cartel is buying advanced weapons from Belarussian arms dealers, including the highly wanted international arms dealer, Dima Stolichnaya, from the criminal syndicate known as Balaika Logistics. It is imperative to identify and intercept any consignments of ammunition or weaponry being supplied to the cartel.


The UPRP task force faces a race against time to locate and rescue the kidnap victims and safeguard the local population from further kidnappings and political assassinations.


The situation is dire, and the UPRP task force are under immense pressure to act quickly and decisively. The stakes are high, with innocent lives hanging in the balance. The task force has been ordered to gather intelligence and information in order to conduct a series of raids on the locations where the hostages are being held.


However, the task force has to be cautious in its approach, as hostages are being used as potential bargaining chips in case Lonestar is ever captured. The cartel has sent a message to the UPRP government warning that if their leader was caught, all hostages held by the cartel would face immediate execution.


The rules of engagement are strict, and the use of force is only authorized in self-defense or defense of others. Any violation of the rules would result in disciplinary action. The safety of the hostages was of the utmost importance, and the task force had to exercise extreme caution to ensure their safety.


The UPRP task force has to act swiftly to rescue the kidnapped victims and dismantle the cartel's operations. Failure is not an option, and mission success will depend on their ability to work together and execute with precision.

Tickets are limited and sold on a first come first served basis.

The factions in play at this event are as follows:
- Ligero Cartel 
- UPRP Task Force 
- Civilian > Vigilante Mob
- Belarussian Arms Dealers 

We will start the game by 10:30 at the very latest on the Saturday and will aim to endex at circa 22:00 that same day, allowing for a chilled evening social with beers around the fire, outside of game hours. Starting again the next day at 10:30 with endex on Sunday at between 15:00 - 15:00.​

As with all our events, arrivals are welcome and encouraged from 09:00 on the Friday with free camping is available.

UPRP Task Force Event Information Click Here

Civilian/Vigilante Event Information Coming Soon

Cartel Player Event Information Coming Soo

Arms Dealer Player Event Information Coming Soon​

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