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We aim to provide our players with some of the most immersive and unique airsoft events currently offered in the UK. 

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Our events always take place across an entire weekend, offering much longer game play and usually involving multiple factions relevant to the storyline at play. This isn't a simple case of Green vs Tan... 


We have created a unique universe for each of these events, that require multiple factions with competing or sometimes aligned objectives. This gives players a lot more to think about in game and provide a far more immersive experience, where factions could have multiple ways to accomplish their objectives as well as multiple threats to worry about. 

Something we endeavor to accomplish with all of our events is a natural escalation to hostilities. Our events typically provide between 10-12 hours of continuous gameplay on the Saturday and continue the following day with a further 5 hours to conclude the event. With this length of time, we are able to bring an event narrative to a flash point typically from early to mid afternoon on the Saturday.


Prior to that, these games have something of a slow burn, with a reasonable amount of roleplay between players taking place as the event narrative unfolds. At some of our previous events, we have used this build up to hostilities to stage riots, host clandestine meetings with CIA informants, insert undercover agents into cartels, blackmail arms dealers and much much more... 

After the first few hours of scene setting things tend to kick off in a big way, from fiery plane crashes to relentless night time assaults by the Vietcong... Once the flashpoint has been reached, you'll know about it!

The events we currently offer range across a variety of different era's and settings, hopefully offering something for everyone. Visit the events page of the website to see what piques your interest. 

Depending on which faction you book on as, you will likely have a very different experience compared to players participating on other factions as each faction has their own advantages as well as few faction specific rules.


You will be required to plan and pack your kit accordingly to the faction you have chosen to book on as. Which can at first seem daunting, but in some cases such as our popular "Drug Wars" series of events, it can be as simple as prominently wearing a distinctive item of blue clothing. There is a basic kit guide listed for each event, if you are unsure about anything, don't be afraid to ask! 

On top of this you will need to pack your kit to account for all your, food, water and sleeping needs for an entire weekend. We encourage players to camp in game as much as possible, utilising the structures we have built on site. 


 Out of game camping is also an option should you wish, but will perhaps not give you quite the same experience!  

We hope to welcome you to one of our events soon, in the meantime feel free to check us out on Instagram and Facebook, subscribing to those pages is the best way to ensure you are kept fully up to date on our upcoming events! 

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