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Vietcong Kit Guide


The beauty of this load out is how lightweight it is by comparison to almost any other airsoft ‘load out’ as well as being probably the easiest way to dip your toe into the airsoft ‘nam scene’.

This kit list will give you a good reference point for building your very own Vietcong impression.

VC Black Pyjamas







Can be found on many surplus and re-enactment sites as well as ebay, a good cheap alternative is a cheap set of black karate robes that can be found for a lot less than repro VC pyjamas.

Cost: £15 - £30

Black Boonie or Coolie Hat







A very easy to find cheap accessory, a google search of coolie hat or conical rice hat will often yield good search results.

Cost: £4 - £15

Chicom Chest Rig







Again another easy to find and cheap to buy item of near indestructible quality, I love using Chicom rigs due to  their weight or lack thereof as well as the freedom of movement they offer, downsides they usually carry only 3 mags meaning a satchel is an essential accessory!

Cost: £12 - £20

Chequered Vietcong Scarf

(Khăn rằn)









For me this is a must, it really completes the Vietcong look it also has some interesting connotations for the wearer. The colour combination of the scarf is said to indicate what unit the wearer was attached to. The scarves were given as awards, by the unit, for bravery and service. These Scarves were put on only in the last minutes before the Village Forces of the VC and PAVN (Peoples Army for the Liberation of Vietnam) and National Liberation Front, District Militia's went into battle. To be found with one meant arrest or execution.


Cost: £5 - £15

Estimated Total £36 - £80

*The estimated price is based on the usual prices for these items. You will normally pay more for originals and the prices above are representative of Repro items from basic to high quality, as is with anything in airsoft the money you could spend can be near endless, where you stop or start is entirely up to you!


“You know, doing fashion for the army is an incredible thing, but today, I'm here to talk about Charlie. I'd like to talk about the enemy and what they're wearing. They're wearing black. I see you can fight them in the jungle and at night, put on some pearls and you're ready for formal wear. This says it all to me. It's kind of like a Hefner thing. They're dressed in pajamas, it's casual, it says ‘I can fight or I can just lay around.'" – Good Morning Vietnam – Robin  Williams (RIP)

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