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Any Person Playing, Renting, Watching or visiting our site must complete this form and hand it in to:

Shane Bray prior to taking part in any event. Under 18’s MUST get a Parent or Guardian to complete and sign the form.

Admittance and attendance of any event hosted by Sierra Bravo and or its affiliates is conditional to the express agreement and consent to by bound by the terms of the below waiver. 

I sign this document fully aware of the terms and considerations as outlined below. In addition to any other safety considerations as highlighted to me during the game briefing and or during any event, as informed to me by the event organisers and their affiliates. 


I understand that;

1. The Game/Event is physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to play.

2. The Game/Event may be dangerous if not played in accordance with the stated rules that I have read and understood.

3. The Possibility of injury to others and myself exists.

4. The Use of pyrotechnics is strictly forbidden to under 18’s

5. Pyrotechnics, Strobe lighting and smoke may be used in some games without prior warning, should I have any medical condition that could be affected by this such as but not limited to epilepsy I shall declare it upon registration to the event organisers. 

6. I may risk losing my eyesight if I do not ensure my eye protection is up to the task and fit for purpose and the sole responsibility for this lies with myself. 
7. I may risk losing my eyesight if I remove my eye protection or have not ensured it fits correctly or is at risk of coming loose/falling off. 


I confirm and agree that;

1. I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others when playing airsoft.

2. I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in playing the games.

3. I will comply with the event organisers and their affiliates and use the equipment as instructed and not so as to injure or hurt others and will obey all directions and instructions of the Event Organisers/Marshals.

4. I will wear my eye and face protection on at all times when not in the designated safe zones.

5. It is my sole responsibility if I choose not to wear recommended eye protection in the form of a full face mask (under 18’s MUST wear full face protection.

6. I take personal responsibility to ensure that my eye and face protection provides adequate protection and is not in poor condition/is fit for purpose and will wear it at all times during my attendance of any Sierra Bravo Ltd Airsoft event.

7. I will take personal responsibility for all personal belongings. 

8. under no circumstances will I deliberately shoot anyone in the head or face.
9. I will present my airsoft gun for chronograph as instructed by the event organiser or their affiliates 

10. I will inform the event organiser of any pre-existing or underlying medical conditions. (write on reverse) 


I hereby release and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against Sierra Bravo Airsoft their affiliates, directors and owners of the property on which the event is held. 

I make this release on behalf of Myself, My Child, My heirs, Executors, Assigns and Administrators. I take full responsibility for the equipment I hire and returning it after play in the condition it was issued to me, and paying any costs generated whilst playing Airsoft

i.e., Site fees/BB’s/Pyro/Hire/Damage or Loss.








Parent or Guardian must sign if player is under the age of 18

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