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Sierra Bravo Airsoft offer a variety of immersive airsoft events that are intended to offer players something more immersive and more memorable than the typical experience that can be found at 95% of skirmish sites on any given weekend. 

This isn't a criticism of airsoft skirmish, but many players who have enjoyed the hobby for a couple of years or more often find skirmish can feel a bit repetitive and lacks often look for something a little more challenging and immersive. 


So what is different about our events? 

  • More Game Time - Our events typically last all weekend, with camping included for free. The games we run will last between 8 - 12 hours on the Saturday (depending on what scenario we are running) Often featuring an element of gameplay that is after dark or during twilight hours. This enables players to accomplish objectives in their own way, using the site how they want to. 

  • More Happens - This isn't a series of short games as you find at skirmish, with wasted time going back to the safe zone between games. Instead we run scenarios that evolve throughout the day, with memorable set piece events that happen in game, such as a fiery aircraft wreckages, riots, mortar attacks etc... 

  • More physically challenging - Our events require a higher level of organisation and input from players who wish to participate, players will need to pack in their day sack all they will need for the 8-12 hours they will be in game, food, water, which you will need to sustain yourself throughout the day, you will likely cover anywhere between 10-15km in a single day as you go about accomplishing your factions objectives.

  • More immersive - Every event we run happens within its own universe, many of our games are inspired by real world events and fictionalised to degree. Each faction in game is given a specific look that players will need to acheive to take part. Which might sound daunting at first, however we make this easier by putting together kit guides in advance of our events to help players acquire the right kit. The benefit of having kit standards is that it significantly raises the immersion factor for players in the game. It also means we don't have to issue players with garish bright armbands which spoil this! 

  • More Advanced Game Rules - 

  • Bigger Gaming Areas - 

  • More Build Up to Firefights 

  • More Realistic - 

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