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Important update as of 26 February 09:17 

We have been doing a lot of soul searching over the past 48 hours with regard to Blood+Soil PT2.

We met Thursday evening on google hangouts and discussed our thoughts re this event and continuing to deliver this event as originally planned.

Additionally, I've been speaking to a number of others to hear their views and how they would feel about proceeding to attend this event in light of the current situation in Ukraine.

It's been a hard decision to make, due to the fact the previous event we ran last year in May (Blood+Soil Pt1, was simply an incredible weekend, that all involved thoroughly enjoyed and we were keen not to lose this, the good news is we won't, (bear with me as I continue to explain).

Although this event was planned long before current events and is set in 2014, we all agree that continuing to run this event as initially planned, is the wrong thing to do.

However, the good news is, we won't be letting anyone down by cancelling our plans to run an airsoft event, as we know many of you were hyped for an awesome weekend of airsoft and seeing old friends.

With that in mind, we still intend to run a 18.5-hour battlesim on the dates we have listed. We just can't do that in the context of what the situation has now become, therefore we are making a number of changes to this event.

Instead, we will create a new narrative set in a different continent with fictional factions. Each side will be given a new identity that does not reference current affairs.

Kit wise, new guidance will be issued, players can wear whatever they would like, we are not banning any kit. The point is, we will not be running an event set in a current and rapidly escalating warzone, where the cost to human life and misery is as high as it currently is.

RUSFOR & Separatists will be reinvented and the kit criteria will be green and dark colours, what was the Ukraine militia force will be Tan/Desert camos

We have taken this view as a number of players have felt deeply conflicted by the current situation and continuing to take part in an event of this nature, we do not wish to put people in a position where they question their conscience or feel uncomfortable. For those that were hoping this would carry on as planned, I truly hope this isn't a disappointment, I intend to deliver the event we had planned at some point in the future, hopefully, in 2023 we will just have to see how things develop in the coming weeks and months, now is just not the right time.

However we can still all have an amazing weekend and enjoy each others company, thankfully many of the taskings and objectives we had planned can be reformatted into something different, that does not make light of the abysmal human suffering and misery that we are currently seeing unfold.

I hope you can all support and understand this difficult decision




Two day battlesim - 18.5 hours across 2 days

Saturday 10:30 - 00:00
Sunday 10:00 - 15:00


- Highly narrative based airsoft battlesim/milsim scenario, with roleplay elements.


- No skirmish attitudes please!


- Kit standards and advanced rules are in effect for this event. Attendance is subject to adherence of these kit standards and rules.

33 School Ln, Horton Kirby, Dartford DA4 9DQ

Three months have passed since the failed Russian takeover of the town of Stotsk with an armed militia holding Russian forces at bay. Although things are far from normal. The sight of armed militia patrols in and around Stotsk has become an everyday occurrence in the once peaceful town that sits a mere 15km from the Russian border.

Whilst Russian forces have been largely held at arm’s length from the town, there is growing unrest amongst its populace. Residents have noticed many new faces as Pro-Russian leaning civilians from nearby towns have been incentivised to relocate to Stotsk to try and shift the balance of public opinion locally in favour of separatism as well as gaining a place on the local electoral roll for upcoming mayoral elections.

Mayoral elections have been prompted by the death of the town’s current mayor, after a sudden and unexplained fatal illness, which some suspect may be foul play, as a result of the mayors public criticism of Russia’s military presence in the region and accusations of warcrimes.

Russian military commanders branded the previous mayor as a ‘terrorist rabble rouser’ accusing the previous mayor of secretly funding the militia forces locally by siphoning off tax payers money. Although they claim to not be involved with the mayors unexpected demise.

Pro-Russian Separatists see this as a good opportunity to install a like minded mayor, which could be instrumental in determining the future of Stotsk during these challenging times.

Tensions locally between civilians have seen angry confrontations between Nationalist Ukrainians and Pro-Russian Separatists as most moderate minded town residents have either been pushed to the extreme end of the political spectrum or have just left the region completely fearing escalating violence.

Russian Forces will attempt to influence the results of the upcoming election and will covertly supply separatists with the relevant tools to ensure a Pro-Russian mayor is elected, in the hope this will help to weaken the militia forces opposing them by cutting of backdoor funding and changing the tone of local politics to one of a pro-Russian stance, making it harder for the militia to operate as freely as they have been during the past three months. Further than this, the Russians are to supply the separatists with advanced military hardware to fight against militia, this equipment will also include ground to air weapons intended for use against the Ukranian Air Force, a risky move given that the airspace over Stotsk still includes frequent civilian and commercial air traffic.

The Militia will be working towards making the region as non-permissive as possible for Russian forces and Pro-Russian separatists in favour of closer ties with Russia. Bounties have been placed on anyone suspected of being a former Berkut officer, which has now formally been disbanded by the Ukrainian Government, although many former Berkut officers have fled areas in Ukraine that are under government control, for fear of reprisals and many others have been offered roles assisting Russian forces in the managing of Crimea co-incidentally where many Berkut officers already have existing family ties or originate from. Although unconfirmed at this time, it is suspected that some former Berkut officers have been inducted into military units.

Civilians will go about their daily lives within the town, carrying on as normal as best as possible, they will go to work carrying out their respective duties and will be required to vote in the upcoming election, every vote matters and both sides of the political spectrum will be trying to influence these voters.

Stotsk Town Police Force will attempt to ensure some semblance of law and order, turning a blind eye to heavily armed militia fighters that have helped keep the Russians at bay. The police are keen to ensure that peace is kept between all civilians, as brutal fights have been an increasing occurrence in the town between separatists and nationalists. The police are trying their best to peacefully resolve these disputes. The police are also charged with keeping local election candidates safe with several credible threats to monitor. In addition to this, the police must investigate the previous mayor’s death for signs of foul play.

Russian Separatist Civilians will attempt to coerce and intimidate local voters into voting for a pro-Russian leaning candidate and will disrupt anyone opposed to closer ties with Russia, making it hard for people to go about their daily lives if they do not agree to vote for a pro-Russian candidate, the Separatists must also secure and cache military equipment for later use against the militia, separatists must liaise with the Russian Forces in a clandestine manner in order to obtain this equipment and to find ways in which they can aide Russian forces, be it meddling in the local election, destroying evidence of Russian involvement in the mayors death, not that there is any evidence of this nature, GRU operatives spotted in the region simply came to see famous Stotsk cathedral with 123 metre spire!

Russian separatist militia will actively fight the Ukraine Nationalist militia and will also work to obtain supplies from RUSFOR as well as meddling in the local mayoral elections.



35 Tickets available 
Ticket Price £55


15 Tickets available 

Ticket Price £55

10 Tickets available 

Ticket Price £35


download (3).png


10 Tickets available 
Ticket Price £55

Nationalist Civilian

20 Tickets available 

Ticket Price £35

10 Tickets available 




Event Overview  

Players must be aware that the first 4.5 hours of this game will be highly roleplay led with the interaction between civilian factions and RUSFOR and Militia Factions, gradually leading to a natural escalation of conflict and all out fighting between in-game factions.

Civilian tickets are offered at a cheaper rate to reflect slightly less trigger time as civilian roles will be unarmed until later in the day when civilian players will join their relevant militia group. However these roles are no less fun and civilians will be given their own objectives to accomplish for the first few hours of the event, before they join a militia group.  

We make no secret of it - this is nothing like airsoft skirmish. Players need to bring the right attitude and need to understand that for the first few hours of the game that there will be scene-setting & immersion building, with little to no conflict whatsoever. You will however be kept busy and have tasks given to you. There an event civpop/militia facebook group for players to discuss the event and ask questions etc, which is linked here.

Additionally there is a RUSFOR facebook group which is
linked here.

Please only join the facebook group for the faction you will be attending as. 

These events are meant to be more demanding both physically and mentally, than a day of skirmish/walk-on airsoft. You will need to bring your own food/water and self-administrate out in the field throughout the game. There are no lunch breaks or pauses, simply Game On and Endex. Whilst we have factored in opportunity for downtime within the spacing of objectives, you must always keep your eye pro on and be prepared to react to anything as you will constantly be at threat whilst in game.

Please ensure prior to the event you are as familiar as possible with the rules of engagement for this event which can be found here.


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