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During our previous engagement American forces yet again failed to locate and capture the infamous General Mhyk, whose leadership was as strong as ever, with the Vietcong putting the 173rd on the back foot for much of the fighting. 

All American forces suffered heavy losses during combat with even the normally highly effective Navy SEAL's suffering badly, which saw SEAL Team Leader 'D' captured as a POW during operations within the region. 

Our next event will see the Americans continue to scour the region in search of the elusive General Myhk who has been a substantial thorn in the side to American forces. 

OPERATION ARCLIGHT III, will be a race against time to rescue SEAL Team Leader 'D' before he is whisked across the border into Laos.

In preparation for these operations the 173rd have been tasked with re-establishing a position at Dak To and maintaining security in the region as well as disrupting on going VC activity in the region.

General Mhyk will continue to be a key target for US forces, although any hope of successful arrest is seemingly futile given past failures, it is likely that he has evaded capture and is laying low in Laos just out of reach.   

The Vietcong will be primarily focused on keeping possession of their value target and are now under increased pressure from the 173rd and a small handful of special forces operatives. 

This years event promises to continue exactly where we left off at the end of Arclight II and could be one of our best years yet, we look forward to seeing you there! 



This is a full weekend event, camping is free and is actively encouraged. However there are a limited quantity of Saturday or Sunday only tickets. 

The airsoft aspect of this event is spread across 3 portions of the weekend as follows:

Saturday Day Game 

1000HRs - 1700HRs

Saturday Night Game

1930HRs - 2130HRs

Sunday Game

1030 HRs - 1500HRs


Arrivals are from 10:30 on the Friday, giving you plenty of time to get a tent up and get the BBQ going, Friday is a relaxed day with no gameplay on this day. Friday is purely a social gathering and prep day,with a good atmosphere on the Friday night. 


We will put a Vietnam film on the projector again in the evening this year. Please message with suggestions or plan to bring you favourite Vietnam film on DVD with you. 


The game will start promptly at 10:30 0n Saturday morning, I will ask all players who are staying with us from Friday night to ensure all kit is ready for game on the next day at 10:00. Game brief will commence at 09:45 giving plenty of time for the game and safety rules to be briefed. 

The game will last from beginning to end with no breaks for lunch, players will get circa 7hrs of non stop airsoft. No Breaks. Players will eat their own food, in game, there will be a natural ebb and flow of activity in game, there will be various opportunities to stop to eat and take on water whilst still being in game. Just stay alert and be prepared to react at all times, eye pro must remain on at all times! 

The game will end between 16:00 - 17:00 depending on how it is going in the field and based on the feedback I get from team leaders in the field. There will then be break up until 19:00 when the night game briefing will start. The night game will end between 21:00 - 21:30.

There will be on site catering for Saturday night, meals are £6, I recommend getting a meal from the caterer if you plan to play the night game as this saves you having to faff about cooking a meal between day and night game. Alternatively there will be some self heating MREs available to buy which are ideal if you want a quick meal in game or quickly afterwards. 


Sunday starts slightly later and ends slightly earlier, based on past expereince people are never quite as fresh and alert on the Sunday as they are when they arrive on the Friday, the early finish also gives people a bit more time to get packed up and get home at a reasonable time. Some of our players have journeys over 5 hours and we want to ensure they have plenty of time to get home safely.  

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