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Well guys what can I say... that was a fantastic weekend. 


I am really pleased with the effort everyone put in to making Arclight work. I feel absoloutely knackered now but it was most certainly worth it!


In particular a very big thank you to a few people. Jason William Butler & the elusive general Myhk a.k.a Michael Cox. You two kept your guys in the field and really pushed them throughout the weekend. Top work! Mike you were too bloody good at hiding but at least general Myhk can make a well earned return! 


Dean Case & Kit Tillman you were fantastic in your roles and taking the photos which I am sure are eagerly awaited by all!


Thomas Gamblen what a brilliant mate you are! Thank you so much for your help setting up, packing up and bbq duties! 


I was going to award free tickets for getting dong and later I said I would do a raffle but instead I'm going to offer 4 new exceptional younger players to our group who really got stuck in and have earned their selves free places to the occupation series (when it's launched) & Arclight 2019 so the two civvies we had on Sunday Leo and Harry as well as Charlie Nearn and Chi Leman have been selected for free tickets to those events in 2019. 


We have good foundations here to build on this event and to bring some great new players into the fold so I hope to see you all next year on  26th - 28th of July 2019


For the first in the Arclight series, overall I am quite pleased with how it went, yeah there are some tweaks and changes I will make based on player feedback and my own observations. But normal i guess this early on... however I am really keen to hear your feedback so please don't be shy with positive and negative feedback. 


Lastly I am recruiting crew for next year so will be on touch with a few people accordingly in due course. 


Great weekend all, thanks a lot!


Cowboy One, Out.

Mission Brief: 1972 – Quang Tri Province

Republic of Vietnam - (South Vietnam)


With the beleaguered South Vietnamese forces under immense pressure to hold the province during a relentless Vietcong offensive, little remains of the once strong catholic, anti-Communist local populace who now live in fear of Communist & Vietcong reprisals, civilians and local government officials murdered in cold blood on a daily basis by once fellow countrymen. 

If any hope is to remain in these desperate times, the 173rd with the support of MACVSOG must stop province from falling to the communists who are actively recruiting new fighters from the local population through a combination of fear and highly effective propaganda.

Up until now B52 Bombers (Arclights) have been highly effective in helping to keep a lid on this resurgent threat, however the risk of mass civilian casualties as well as increased AA presence in the area has made this air support too risky, with the US Air Force highly reliant on reliable on-ground intel in order to make effective bombing runs without causing mass civilian fatalities which could potentially swell VC recruitment numbers.

The 173rd Airborne are deployed to the province to help clear the dense jungle and provide a clearer picture to the US Air Force of the situation on the ground by clearing VC troop concentrations and destroying the supply lines that keep war raging in the area with the support of MACV who are actively searching for persons of interest. Both MACV and 173rd must build a clearer picture of what is happening in the province by preventing the spread of propaganda and searching for valuable intel, feeding back all information to the recently assigned intelligence officer from Saigon.

The Vietcong and their partnered sleeper agents must disrupt all American and Southern Vietnamese activity in the province in order to claim the province and it's rich farmlands.

The Vietcong must keep the pressure on the Americans by actively recruiting the local civilians through coercion and effective propaganda distribution whilst ensuring valuable supplies reach strategic locations. Whilst deploying the infamous hit and run techniques that whittle both morale and troop numbers. This is a dark and gritty fight between two bitterly opposed sides, all that unites them, a hatred unlike any other.


After Action Report

American Forces comprising of MACVSOG and 173rd Airborne were deployed for operations in both South and North Vietnam for offensive duties clearing Landmine fields in key areas to allow vital American troop movements Addiitionally to provide key Intel on VC troop and supply movements of weapons and munitions across the Laos border. Which resulted in numerous firefights with Victor Charlie.


Supply lines were effectively scattered as a result of early successful control of areas of strategic importance in the AO. As a result vital AA supplies were delayed from reaching AA positions behind VC lines. Whilst delayed they were eventually delivered to these AA positions which despite the best efforts of American forces were able to take out an American aircraft. However 173rd Airborne and MACVSOG were able to swiftly locate and extract downed pilot 'Dieter' whilst under enemy fire. 


Overnight with American planes unable to risk further losses, VC were able to push into areas of South Vietnam and cause trouble. American forces were however swift to push back bringing stability back to areas of South Vietnam by midday.


To prevent further VC incursions and to interrogate 're concerning Intel finds that MACVSOG needed answers to questions very quickly, General Myhk was sought.


The old play book of hit and run by the VC worked to slow, mislead and otherwise hamper American forces in pursuit of the general. 


Despite an extensive search of large areas of North Vietnamese jungle. in which Amercans had Intel that proved beyond doubt that General Myhk was within the search areas. American forces were unable to find even a trace of Myhk. Resorting to more drastic methods in desperation. With a bizarre number of suspected VC forces missing fingers amongst other limbs and organs. 


Relations with civilians were amicable at first with civilians seemingly helpful towards American forces, remembering helpful bits of information relevent to the whereabouts of Myhk...  usually when furnished with money...


American operations eventually came to an end with the elusive general able to evade capture appering to vanish and able to come back and fight another day.

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